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Shipping from India to Mauritius?
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4.4/5 Star Rating
8,140 Reviews

Fantastic so far

I never expected such a good service! I will recommend your company for sure and the support was incredibly helpful!

Unbelievably good service

Easy to use website just sign up, send items to your virtual address and you are good to go. Packages that have arrived at your virtual address are listed under packages alongside their source origin. Shipping prices are reasonable with many reliable shipping services available like DHL and FedEx. Consolidation can take longer than expected, however.

5 stars rating from me

From point A to point B, this has been a pleasant experience. I am extremely impressed with how these guys packed my consolidated shipment. I had some questions for support and they promptly responded and helped me out. This is a reliable company providing excellent service!

Happy customer since 5 years

I've been a customer for around 5 years now and I can only say great things about their service. What I value more is that they offer a nice variety of courier services and that they revise the incoming parcels very carefully. I receive many items that are intended for collectors and there's none of that box-cutter-frenzy I had to run away from when using other forwarding services. Awesome, well-rounded service so far!

Mr India is the go to in term of shipping forwarding...

They wont destroy your box but dhl might. Fedex are usually more cautious. The packaging are extra secured (a lot of cardboard) and they offer many options. Customer support is quite good, nothing bad to say from the two times i had to contact them. I truly recommend over almost 2 years doing business with them.

Highly satisfied with all aspects of the service

Want to take this opportunity to express special thanks to the consolidators, who have always shown much care in safely packing my collectors items.

Very smooth process..

Nice job with the website and the whole process. VERY SMOOTH. Clear.
Good business. Bravo. Much better exprience than some of your competitors that I used a few years ago.

Fantastic all around

Fantastic all around - fast consolidation and excellent packing. I buy small/lightweight items and shipping them individually to Mauritius is disproportionately expensive; I save a LOT of money consolidating and reshipping with Mr India. Thank you!